Obtain Top Talent using Online Job Posts


Obtain Top Talent using Online Job Posts

The current state of the job market can make it highly challenging to find and hire top talent. But if consistently deployed, using online job posts to hire top talent can help you to retain employees, cultivate a happy workplace culture, and transform your business.

Our previous blog in this series was geared towards creating a great position overview. Now, your task is to use that overview to create an attractive online job post to obtain the best talent in your industry. Basically, you use the online post to ensure your organization gets noticed by top job seekers in your industry.

When your ideal candidate notices your online job post, you want that job seeker to imagine themselves in the role, obtain all the information they need about the position, and finally, feel compelled to apply.

The key question to ask yourself and your organization is, ‘How will we stand out?’

Here are our top tips to help guide you in the process of creating a high-impact online job post:

Clarity is a Must

Be succinct, focused, and clear. By communicating your expectations clearly, job seekers can make better decisions on whether or not they are qualified to apply. Get the best writer in your organization to proof and eliminate unnecessary information. Pay attention to small details that will matter to the potential candidates reading the post.

Titles and Intros are Vital

Use killer job titles that highlight the perks of the job, while still utilizing SEO best practices (e.g. Social Media Specialist — Unlimited PTO). Also be sure to write a highly engaging introduction. Hook your ideal employee here. This is where you should be encouraging the potential candidate to read on and apply.

Encourage Seekers to Envision Themselves in the Role

Speak directly to your ideal employee (e.g. “You will act as our lead sales director and actively close sales.”). Use descriptive words to help seeker imagine themselves in this position.

Sell your Organization, Team and Location

Here’s where you want to share your organization’s values and workplace culture. You want someone who is great cultural fit, so it is important promote your unique attraction in your job posts. Tell your company story, and sell the position. Provide engaging information on educational opportunities, highlight your location, detail benefits and other unique attributes to your company.

Make the Process Simple

Some experts feel strongly that millennials in particular need the process to be quick and easy, or you could potentially miss some top talent applicants. Others feel that some challenge screens out some that don’t have the will. Our opinion falls down the middle. Ira Wolfe, one of HR’s most visionary thinkers, claims if you make it too hard you will lose many opportunities to hire top talent.

Consider Outsourcing

Companies will do this task for you — their entire business is focused on job posting, recruiting, assessments, and they manage the process for you. This is a great option for businesses who want to hire top talent, but don’t have the time to do it properly. Also consider using an online recruiting app, such as Greenhouse or Bamboo HR. Job seekers are looking for efficient and flexible ways to find and apply to new work opportunities.

Use Reverse Job Posting

Act as a recruiter. Posting on reputable sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed makes you the professional recruiter. Consider using sites like ZipRecruiter that consolidate all of them for you. Many industries have industry specific website, so be sure to research if your industry has one.

Use Personality, Integrity, and Aptitude Assessments

The use of tech-based online assessments as a means of screening and narrowing down top talent is on the rise. Depending on your needs, there are a variety of different types of assessments such as personality, integrity, and aptitude assessments. These can be very effective and efficient if utilized properly. Online assessments should be simple and quick. Be sure to check out the recruiting sites because they also offer assessments within their packages.

We have much success using this model as we guide and help our clients. Please share if you have success in succeeding to hire top talent through attractive and high-impact online job posts. If you need help navigating this process, please contact Pinnacle 7 for a complimentary coaching consultation. 


Michelle Landis, Founder and Principal, Master Business Coach

Michelle Landis, Master Business Coach

As a business coach, I use a unique blend of coaching and consulting to help business owners achieve a higher level of performance for both themselves and their business. It’s a very direct approach that provides my clients with insights into what is coming next, laser-sharp focus and the opportunity to practice, make mistakes and learn in a safe and supportive environment.


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