Our approach incorporates sound learning principles and each workshop is designed to be interactive with exercises and activities that can be easily implemented into our participants’ businesses. We have organized our workshops by category to appeal to the specific needs of each business. Each workshop is designed to stand alone but can be presented as a series of workshops to fit most general business requirements.

Recorded Workshops

Leading vs Managing: Leveraging the Power of Both
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Time Management: How to Completely Save Your Day
Tuesday, April 24, 2018

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

A Dynamic Vision and Mission – The Foundation for Your Success
Tuesday, February 12, 2019

8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Speaking Topics – Lead

The Art of Leadership:  Leading vs. Management

This workshop is designed to be a fun, participative session focusing on the 8 key skills that encompass leadership.  The session is designed for business owners, key executives and decision makers and will challenge your perceptions regarding leadership and the values that shape it.  The session will help participants understand leadership vs.  management, define their leadership style, and provide essential tools for leveraging their leadership skills.  Each participant will take the  DISC profile before the session.  This is a valuable behavior profiling tool that will help each participant enhance their communication and relationship skills.  The profile will be reviewed during the session.

Team Alignments

These workshops are designed for individual teams and focus on communication, alignment and the principles of high performance. Employee team assessments, engagement surveys, and DISC assessments can be incorporated for individual focus and leverage.   

Time Management for the Business Owner: The Art of Getting Things Done

Are you feeling pressured by deadlines?  Is there never enough time in the day? Are you working longer and longer hours, while getting further behind? Get an introduction to the single most important tool you can use every day and learn how to get a 5:1 return on your time. This is focused on business owners and leaders, but can be customized for a more general population.

Planning Retreats

These workshops are designed to help business leaders set strategy, develop appropriate goals and key performance indicators and then then engage in a 90 day action planning and implementation process.  This planning retreat process has become the cornerstone of success for many of our clients.   The process helps maintain focus on key priorities with manageable 90 day actions that have a major impact on the yearly goals.

Speaking Topics – Grow

Financial Management: Critical Strategies for Success

Are you confused by your financial statements?  Do you have trouble understanding what they are telling you?  Do you need better cash flow?  Our financial management workshop will show you how to run your company better by understanding your financial statements and  how to manage cash flow.

Sales Management for Sustained Growth

This workshop will help you to understand your customers buying process and how to be an effective and result producing sales leader so you maximize your sales results.  Key points of learning will include,  why a strong sales system is as good or  better than a stellar sales person, how to recruit the RIGHT type of sales people specifically for your organization and how to develop sales compensation/pay plans. Specific and easy to use strategies on landing your dream clients, bonding with them and keeping them and  some simple selling techniques that you can leverage in our current economy will also be a focus.

High Impact Marketing: How to Drive Sales Leads and Get a Great ROI

This work shop will teach the following;  how to target the right customers,  how to turn your marketing into an investment rather then an expense, and how to track and measure so you can make the right marketing decisions.  Branding and the importance of a consistent brand message and simple  simple, inexpensive marketing approaches that can deliver great leads will also be a focus.

The Art of Developing a Power Network

This workshop will teach you the following; the difference between networking and power networking, 6 critical actions that lead to a “Power Network”, how to leveraging your current network…understanding who you know,  how you know them and how to reward them with the “power” of your network. How to power network with the 4th largest country in the world….the social media network will be a key focus area and we will conclude with “The Trust Factor”…a simple formula for fostering the most important “Power Network” ingredient.

Speaking Topics – Transition

10 Ways to Maximize the Sales Value of Your Business

This workshop is focused on the business owner whose transition plan is selling the business. The workshop will cover the 10 key value  drivers every business owner should consider to strengthen their existing business or to better position their business for a future sale. Other key learning points include the most common issues that hurt the value of your business, how to think like a buyer and create additional value in order to maximize your sale price and why the bottom line alone does not determine the sale price of your business.

5 Things You Need to Do to Scale and Grow Your Business

This workshop is designed to help the founder/owner understand how an owner’s mentality can harm the opportunity to implement a sustainable growth strategy.  Key areas of focus will include getting a “real” perspective on your company’s financial health now and five years from now, understanding how to recruit, hire the right people and how to develop then into super stars;  and how to implement reliable and consistent service strategies…all designed with getting you out of the business and ready for transition.

9 Steps to Systematizing Your Business

If you can’t leave your business for a month and be confident that it will be there when you get back, then this is a must attend workshop.  We will cover in detail 9 specific steps that will help you systematize your business so it will run without you.  Some of the focus areas include; simple methods for documenting  procedures for 80% of what occurs in your business,  why the standard job description does not cut it anymore and what to do about, and how to develop key performance indicators that will help you monitor your progress with confidence.  Developing a current and 3 year out organizational chart so you put the right people in the right jobs, and what is appropriate vison and mission statements for today’s environment are additional learning points.

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