Coaching helps you to highlight the areas you excel in and grow in areas you may have never thought possible. It allows you to break-through the obstacles that are holding you back and build your business to heights you only dream about. Take a look through a sampling of our clients’ stories to get a feel for our approach, our work and what’s possible in your own business.

When I first met Michelle, I was working out of my basement. I had 4 crews in the field, and knew I had a good opportunity to keep growing the business but was struggling with cash flow, collections, processes and was working way too many hours feeling unorganized and overwhelmed. Within 6 months of coaching with Michelle, my receivables were up to date, cash flow greatly improved and I was beginning to feel like I was in control. Over the next several years I moved out of my basement into an office, added additional crews, supervisors in the field, a bookkeeper and an office manager. Today I am in my second new office…needed more space…have a total of 32 people working for me and more importantly my revenues have increased by 83 %, profits are good and we are considered a major players in the industry. I would not be where I am today without Michelle’s coaching and business advise in the early stages of my business. I highly recommend Michelle to any business owner that wants accelerate their business growth and get their life back.
- Joe Geraghty, President - PULS, Inc.
We are a 4th generation, high end millwork business that has an outstanding reputation in the market place due to our quality and exceptional craftspeople. When we brought Michelle on board, we were transitioning management from my father to me and trying to pull ourselves out of a few bad years of profitability. In less then a year, Michelle has helped us turn the entire business around. She helped us revise our quoting process with a focus on price management and project profitability, focused us on building a higher performing executive management team, collaboratively negotiated union concessions, and most importantly improved our gross profit margin by over 15 percentage points and we are now have positive net income that continues to improve...all in less then 12 months. She also has coached me on improving my confidence and leadership skills. I truly am not sure our business would be here today with out Michelle’s coaching and business acumen.
- Amanda Zimmerman, President - Eisenhardt Mills, Inc.
I have worked with Michelle since her early days as a business coach. I have repeatedly seen her ability to help move businesses to the next level. Her rich background from teaching to running a business for Jack Welch of GE, provide skillsets and tools that can’t be duplicated by others. With the move into Pinnacle 7, I am anticipating that her ability to focus in the three key areas – lead, grow, transition – will definitely guide her clients to reach new heights.
- Sally Handlon, President - Handlon Business Resources
Before meeting Michelle my business was floundering, nearly destroyed the year prior. With her guidance, suggestions and hard work, I was able to restore the business to its original profitability and stability. I also found the group meetings helpful because it afforded me an opportunity to tap into additional resources. I enjoyed meeting others and learning about their business challenges or successes.
- Diane Morrow, Owner - Alliance Counseling
Michelle is an excellent motivator and leader. While working with Michelle, I have had the pleasure to experience her leadership in helping me to drive my team to new heights. She provides the insight that enables me to insure that all goals will be met and that no challenge is too great.
- Jessica Parnell, President - Bridgeway Homeschool Academy
Being a young entrepreneur I posses some qualities that have helped my business get started. My youth, enthusiasm and high energy were great the first 3 years but I felt that my lack of structure and systems within the business were holding my company back from greater success. This past spring I brought Michelle on as a business coach and I could not have made a better investment. She has reeled in my energy and focused it to systemize my business. I have learned management and leadership skills through the process that are priceless. My employees now possess greater ownership of the company and team morale is high. If you are looking to take your company to the next level, Michelle is a great resource!
- Mike McCreary, President - Lehigh Valley Grand Prix
Michelle Landis has completely changed my view of business and has opened my eyes to a higher level. My participation in her Pinnacle Peer Alliance Board is my bi-weekly out of office motivation builder that removes me from my busy office environment. I find stepping away for the 1.5 hours gives me a place of clarity where I’m solely zeroed in on business development. I’ve never before seen an offering like this that allows me to be so focused on growing my business and team, at such a reasonable cost. I leave every meeting with priceless feedback from Michelle’s master level coaching, along with other highly qualified non-competing Peer Alliance members.
- Malcolm Gieske, President - Identity Group, LLC
I have enjoyed my time in Michelle's Peer Alliance Board. The group sessions have an open, and trusting atmosphere where the participants can freely share their business challenges and successes. Michelle’s facilitation creates the opportunity to enjoy, learn and grow!
- Hal Mante, Owner - American Fence
I've attended several of Michelle's workshops, which were ``chock full`` of value and fun. I've also enjoyed her coaching services with Pinnacle 7 through the Pinnacle Peer Advisory Board. From our first meeting, I found her approach refrreshing and motivating. Insightful and honest, she gets right to the point. As a business owner, it is easy to ``do what you do`` and get caught up in the daily routines that must be done. Investing time with Michelle has enabled me to see things from a new and better perspective. She's encouraged me to work ``on`` the busines and not just ``in`` it. I would recommend her and her team at Pinnacle 7 without reservation. Start as I did. Check out one of the workshops and then take advantage of her offer to do a personal consultation. You will be delighted and immediately engaged!
- Donna Hosteled, Owner - Hosfeld Insurance
I joined Profit Club a year ago and have found the interaction with like minded business owners to be a very positive experience. Michelle brings a great tool box of processes and ideas along with the combinded experience of the group to make Profit Club a good fit for me. One quick example: We were encouraged to bring up one of the topics we wanted help with. I was trying to get an introduction to an owner of one of my target prospects. Within two months of asking for help, I had secured a contract with the prospect. In another example, I was spending over a thousand a year on finding employees, in one meeting, a new method of attracting employees was discussed and that one conversation has saved me a thousand dollars a year.
- Eric Allred, Owner - Corporate Cleaners of the Lehigh Valley
Coaching for me has been a life changing experience because I am being held accountable for my actions and for the growth and results of my business. I also am very competitive so I love the learning aspect and the opportunity to implement changes that I know position me very well in the marketplace. I would recommend coaching to anyone that loves to learn, is competitive and wants to be the best.
- Frank Potoczak, President - Secure Technologies, Inc.
If anyone asked me where to find a business coach, I’d recommend Michelle in a flash. If anyone asked why one needs a business coach, I could tell them in a few simple terms: Direction, Focus, Profits. Michelle taught me to focus on my business to determine how to best get customers through the front door and then get them to buy! Through tracking and trending, know where to spend advertising dollars for the greatest returns. After working together for almost a year, sales are up 17% and expenses are down. The growth has been exciting to experience and Michelle gets just as excited in sharing each victory.
- David Charrier, Owner - The Birdhouse
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