Book Summaries: Business Tip of the Season

Business Book Summaries

Book Summaries: Business Tip of the Season

The lazy (and hot!) dog days of summer are over and the sweet fall breeze is upon us bringing with it new energy and refreshing clarity. As for most of us, with fall’s arrival, our cups are full (and sometimes spilling over!) so how do we find a way to stay up-to-date on all the new business books that can engage our minds and enhance our businesses? The answer: business book summaries! We have complied that latest and greatest websites and apps to get your summary fix this fall:

Accel5  — One of my favorites! These are summaries of today’s best business books in an easy-to-read format that will enable you to acquire business knowledge quickly and efficiently.

getAbstract  — This site is great because every summary includes a rating, top take-aways, a full summary, significant quotes, and an author biography and other key points – all of which can be absorbed in less than ten minutes.

Fight Mediocrity On YouTube   — This YouTube channel combines whiteboard drawings with short summary of books to get you a quick fix of the best books out there (with visual appeal to boot!).

Four Minute Books — The creator of Four Minute Books wrote 365 book summaries in 2016. Each one takes less than 4 minutes to read! And they’re free of charge. Enough said!

Nugget (App)  — Nugget is a highly visual app that helps you discover, remember, and (the best part!) share the best content of your favorite books!

Soundview Executive Book Summaries   — I’ve used and subscribed to Soundview for many years now. Soundview is wonderful because it provides the solution to the ongoing problem of information overload. The summaries are longer but much more thorough – their 8-page business book summaries help busy professionals like yourself maximize time while gaining essential business intelligence and all content is mobile-friendly.

We hope you find these links energizing and refreshing…just like our fall breezes. Enjoy! 


Michelle Landis, Founder and Principal, Master Business Coach

Michelle Landis, Master Business Coach

As a business coach, I use a unique blend of coaching and consulting to help business owners achieve a higher level of performance for both themselves and their business. It’s a very direct approach that provides my clients with insights into what is coming next, laser-sharp focus and the opportunity to practice, make mistakes and learn in a safe and supportive environment.


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