Getting authentic and valuable customer feedback is absolutely essential to the growth and success of your business. Although, getting this information is not always that easy. Here we will discuss the difference between traditional and modern models of obtaining customer feedback as well as provide you with valuable tips for retrieving this information as easily as possible.
Stop being the founder/owner of your business and start being a CEO. The transition is not easy, but it is the key to scaling your business for real growth. As the founder/owner of your business you find customers, you build the team, you develop new products/services, you secure financing and you roll up your sleeves to do whatever needs to be done. A CEO positions the business to scale up for growth. A CEO lets the team do what they were hired to do and stops doing it all by him or herself. A CEO focuses on 5 actions that will scale the business for sustainable growth. Here are 5 actions you need to take to become CEO of your business.
Business plans of old—and many modern ones as well—possess detailed sections on how a company plans to get funding through traditional means. Think banks, credit unions and interested investors. However, more and more business plans have sections on crowdfunding, and some plans totally bypass traditional funding. Here’s the inside scoop on crowdfunding and why it may make sense for your business.

Getting the right kind of press attention can be challenging for any type of business. However, there are free and affordable ways to catch the eye of the media. Use these three effective techniques for getting good publicity for your company. 1. Schedule Speaking Engagements Speaking about what...

Ever wished you could have hundreds or even thousands of other people out on the web advertising for you without it costing you a thing until you get results? That is the dream, after all. You may be surprised to learn that the dream is a reality called "affiliate marketing," and it is easier to set up than you imagine.
The truth is I couldn’t pick just 10 great business books. After all, there are more than 10,000 business books published each year! But, I did manage to narrow the list down to 11 great summer business reads that will help you be at the top of your game. Get ready to be inspired!
Business has moved from the store front and the office onto the web. As a result, providing original content that offers educational value without a sales pitch is an essential tool to use in increasing website rankings, attracting visitors, and converting visits to sales.
Many companies (large and small) suffer from a very common affliction. They fail to differentiate between sales and marketing. While these two concepts are somewhat interrelated, they are, in fact, quite different and need to be treated as separate functions in order for a company to reach its full growth potential.
Organic growth is a great strategy that allows you to grow your business using existing resources. As I mentioned in my previous post – which introduced organic growth as a viable growth strategy - this approach to growth is slower than its strategic alternative, but it allows you to expand your business with greater control and very limited liquid capital.
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