Author: Michelle Landis

As leaders and business owners, I believe reading can take us and our businesses to new levels.  Maybe the following quotes are the best way to express my feelings: “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”- Harry S. Truman “Some people will lie, cheat, steal and back-stab to get ahead...and to think, all they have to do is READ.” - Fortune
Getting authentic and valuable customer feedback is absolutely essential to the growth and success of your business. Although, getting this information is not always that easy. Here we will discuss the difference between traditional and modern models of obtaining customer feedback as well as provide you with valuable tips for retrieving this information as easily as possible.
I’m often asked by business owners and their teams whether it is more effective to be a leader or a manager. Questions arise such as, “Which is better?” and “When will I switch from being a great manager to a superb leader?” There is, however, one strategic and healthy way to perform in your management/leadership role and I have the answer. Let’s start by defining each one and distinguishing the two.
DISC is a highly accredited behavior assessment tool that has acted as an integral part of my coaching practice for many years. I use it with all new clients so I know how to better communicate and deliver information to them. I also use it with their teams to help drive higher levels of trust and performance. The DISC assessment tool, if used properly, can have a major impact on improving all levels of team performance. 
As a coach, I’m always looking for ways to be mentored by others. In a recent, informal discussion with my project specialist, she mentioned the importance of mindfulness and its positive effects on our daily lives. Then, shortly after that, I saw an article from McKinsey and Company on “The art and science of well-being at work” and they were promoting the power of mindfulness as well. 
Where were you last quarter in your business? If it is hard to come up with a firm and clear answer...I am not surprised. Staying focused on your goals and plans - if you have them - is usually one of those New Year’s resolutions that rarely make it to February.
Stop being the founder/owner of your business and start being a CEO. The transition is not easy, but it is the key to scaling your business for real growth. As the founder/owner of your business you find customers, you build the team, you develop new products/services, you secure financing and you roll up your sleeves to do whatever needs to be done. A CEO positions the business to scale up for growth. A CEO lets the team do what they were hired to do and stops doing it all by him or herself. A CEO focuses on 5 actions that will scale the business for sustainable growth. Here are 5 actions you need to take to become CEO of your business.
Finding a growth strategy that works for you is absolutely vital for the survival of your business. Whether you're trying to grow your business organically, or you're focused on strategic growth through developing new markets, the key to ensure your business thrives is through the development of thoughtful strategies that build on your strengths. Often the best way to achieve these sorts of goals is through the development of quarterly plans that allow you to break down long-term aspirations into achievable short-term tasks.
High-performing employees are key contributors to the success of your company. Because these employees have demonstrated that they know how to produce results, you might think that your time is better spent motivating non-performers. However, this is counterproductive. Your high performers have already shown that they can set goals, solve problems and achieve results. Just think how much more they can accomplish if you focus on motivating them and helping them continue to develop.
Business plans of old—and many modern ones as well—possess detailed sections on how a company plans to get funding through traditional means. Think banks, credit unions and interested investors. However, more and more business plans have sections on crowdfunding, and some plans totally bypass traditional funding. Here’s the inside scoop on crowdfunding and why it may make sense for your business.
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