Author: Monika Baraket

Your employees can be smart and talented, possess valued skills, and have years of experience, but if their motivators are not aligned with the role they're in or the kind of work they're doing, they won't excel. Do you know what drives your employees?

Without a strategic plan, it’s hard to accomplish anything. Whether you’re hosting a holiday dinner, coaching little league, running a business or managing a large corporate division – you need a good strategic plan. But what exactly is it, when do you need it, and how do you make it work? That’s a good question! Let’s explore.
A 90-day plan will help you identify the steps you need to take and the habits you need to build over a targeted space of time. Whether you’re a profitable mid-cap company or a start-up business, the 90-day plan is your ticket to focused success.
Profit and cash flow are not the same thing. In fact, more businesses fail due to lack of cash flow than due to lack of profits. So, don’t become one of the statistics: a business that goes broke while recording a healthy profit! Here's what you need to know.
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